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As entrepreneurs we can achieve Extraordinary Business Results by thinking and being BGKAR ("Bigger"). BGKAR is an acronoym for Being x Goals x Knowledge x Action=Results™.


This refers to who you are BEING in the world, your personal paradigm, the principles and points of view from which you interpret the events of your life. In this area is the purpose you have established for your life. Your values also reside here, as does what you want your business and life to stand for. This factor is the single most important factor in changing the results you produce. In other words, if you want to change the results you are creating, change who you and your business are being.

While this area is the most powerful factor it is also the most difficult to change. It requires that as entrepreneurs we accept total responsibility for the results our businesses produce.

By taking on that responsibility (ability to choose the response), we empower ourselves to produce the results we desire.


Your GOALS are you intentions, possible accomplishments in your business. This refers the vision/mission that you have established for your business. The goals are written, quantifiable, measurable, and have specific dates of achievement.

In this area, you formulate your business vision/mission statements. You establish your business plan and create your action plan. You answer the following questions with precision and clarity:

  • What do I want?
  • What am I committed, responsible and passionate about causing to happen?
  • When do I want it?


This refers to you overall body of KNOWLEDGE. This occurs on several levels:

  • Knowledge of Life—The paradigm that you live from
  • Knowledge of business—
  • Macro Business: General business knowledge relating to all businesses.
  • Micro Business: Specific business knowledge relating to your specific business and its industry... the paradigm that your business operates from.


This refers to the actions that you take to achieve your intended goals. Actions fall into two categories.

  • Pro-Active: Planned actions to achieve a predetermined result. Being at cause in your life.
  • Re-active: Unplanned actions taken in response to an occurrence. Being at effect in your life.


This refers to the outcome of the combined efforts of your BEING, GOALS, KNOWLEDGE and ACTION.


This refers to the custom-designed structures that compares results with intended outcome. It tells you if your combined efforts are producing the results you intended. Are you on-course or off-course?

This also refers to the comparison of actions taken to agreed-upon actions to be taken. Are you keeping your word?

We invite you to create extraordinary business results. To create extraordinary business results, contact The University of Entrepreneurship.


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