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Entrepreneurship With a Passion

Bring the Passion back to your business. If the eyes really are windows into the soul, you could probably look inside any superstar athlete, top entrepreneur or overachiever in any field and see that they all share a passion for what they do. Passion can not only help motivate you to create extraordinary business results day after day, it can also fuel your desire to improve consistently-all of which help guarantee your success. Even if you think your passion for your business has gone on a permanent vacation, don't despair. Use these guidelines to bring back your love for your business, and you may find that your passion shows up in your profits.

Take pride in your business. If you don't feel good about your business, you can't expect your customers to feel good about it either. Showing honest enthusiasm for your business helps your employees and customers feel more comfortable about doing business with you. Also, you will gain credibility if you can say you own and use your own products or and services. Tell your customers how it has helped you. Collect testimonials that will not only help you sell your product and service to new customers but will remind you of your product's or service's value and benefits and the number of people who enjoy it. Strengthen your business by thinking of new ways for your customers to use and benefit from your product or service. Think of way to improve your product or service.

Let your passion show. Enthusiasm is contagious, and when yours rubs off on your employees and customers, you may find the results showing up in your financial statements. Take a look at how you present yourself and your company. Have your presentation videotaped, then analyze your performance. Do you look like you really believe in your company and are excited about sharing it? Does your language, voice, facial expressions and gestures show enthusiasm that grabs and keeps the listeners' attention? The more you let your passion show, the greater your ability to produce extraordinary results.

Believe in yourself. Even if you don't believe in yourself learn to generate enthusiasm and self worth. Watch out for negative and self-defeating thoughts-to change the way you feel about yourself for the better, you have to change the way you think for the better. Stop focusing on that little voice that drives us crazy and be a commitment to the future you have set for yourself. Think about the things that make you feel bad about yourself and what you can do to change or learn to accept them. Everyone is subject to disappointments and setbacks, but you have the power to decide whether to learn from them and move on or to give up. You are the source of what you make the disappointments mean. Be a commitment to generating passion and extraordinary results no matter how you feel and think in the moment.

Rekindle the passion regularly. You can't expect your enthusiasm to remain strong indefinitely. Like a battery, you have to recharge it once in a while. Watch out for slumps, and other influences that can put your passion on the back burner. When you have a demotivating day, turn up the volume on your positive self-talk and refuse to let the problem get the best of you. Surround yourself with positive, inspiring, supportive people. Set goals and review them often as a reminder of the rewards for passion and persistence. Leisure time is important to help you maintain passion for your work, so take time to spend with family and friends to avoid burnout.

Get a business coach and surround yourself with positive people. In your personal as well as you professional life, seek out people with a passion for living, learning, changing, and growing... people who are up to something BIG. Ask them how they stay motivated and try the techniques you think will help you. When you have to be around negative people, don't allow their comments to sap your enthusiasm. Tell them to look on the bright side and offer some words of encouragement to give them a lift-an investment in the attitudes of those you work with is an investment in your own positive outlook.

When your heart isn't in your business, you can't expect to find success there either. Serious entrepreneurial success requires the kind of long-term motivation and commitment to your business that often comes only from having a passion for it. To make sure your love for business thrives, guard it carefully and feed it well-the more it grows, the more your business will too.

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